Dark Knight

Now affectionately known as the "Dark Knight," this car started life as a 3.4L 981 Cayman S with the 7-speed PDK transmission. The car had previously visited the shop in January 2015 for a firmware upgrade to accommodate the larger 82mm throttle body that was installed. During his winter visit to BGB the Dark Knight's owner swore that he would return for a 3.8L conversion later that year and shortly thereafter a plan was hatched to build what has become our most sout 3.8L 981 build to date, featuring PDK mated to an x51 Power Kit engine, which is not available on the upcoming GT4. Prior to the conversion the car already had Fabspeed "sport" manifolds with 200 cell catalytics, the larger 82mm throttle body and upgraded firmware for the ECU; the conversion yielded a 3.8L 991 "Power Kit" X51 engine, Cargraphic stainless steel "Sport" Rear Silencer mufflers, BMC air filters and an aftermarket flash tailor made for its Power Kit engine that has an additional 150 RPM on tap to stretch shift points. The car was dyno'd with a resulting 375rwhp that was repeatable within 1 horsepower after 6 back to back runs in the dead of summer. For improved aero a Techart rear wing base, uprights and wing were sourced as well as the Techart front spoiler. For increased stopping power, upgraded Brembo 6-piston calipers are mated to 380mm brake discs; the rear calipers are also Brembo with 340mm discs to maintain braking balance on the track. Larger 15mm hubcentric wheel spacers were installed for maximum track to try and capitalize on the improved platform made possible by a set of Bilstein PASM speficic dampers that feature the UmbrellaAutoDesign lift kit which allows access to steep curbs and driveway entries by raising and lowering the front of the car by as much as 3" with the flick of a switch. In addition to the mods listed above, substantial work was executed to prevent things in the engine bay from heat soaking to try and enhance the OE heat exchangers' ability cool both the fluid for the PDK clutches and the oil for the engine. Further fabrication was executed to keep the exhaust heat from heating things like rear brakes and rear shocks with the hopes of making them less susceptible to the heat soak that plagues the mid engine layout.