KITS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE SOON: $5250.00 USD (labor not included) 

More photos of the 2022 version coming soon! 

These windows were molded to be used in conjunction with our 981 & 718 GT4 Clubsport cold air racing intake in an effort to reduce intake air temperatures & deliver air to the engine that was closer to ambient temperatures on track.  Unlike the Porsche 911, the Porsche Cayman breathes from the side and struggles to find colder air the hotter the track temperatures are. 


By feeding the engine from this point were are able to reduce the difference in the temperature of the air going to the engine from an additional 25F over ambient to an additional 5F over ambient, a reduction of 20F!  On the track and on the dyno we have found that a 20F reduction in Intake Air Temperatures (IATs) from 115F to 95F equates to a loss of over 25rwhp! 

We spent many years racing the Cayman in professional competition and experienced first hand how much power the cars would lose half way through the race.  Much like many other great ideas that John had simultaneously but never before Porsche, this one piece carbon fiber quarter window is similar to the factory offering that achieves the same purpose but without the look of a 3D printed part and a much lower cost.    


NOTE: The carbon fiber windows can be used without our cold air intake system to deliver air to the rear of the car for helmet blower and cool shirt systems.  85mm diameter was chosen to step above the currently available 82mm throttle body offering from Porsche.  100mm variant available also.