Silver Sleeper

The "Silver Sleeper" hails out of the mid-west and given her unassuming appearance, you would never know that she was hiding a 3.8L 991 conversion that, with the help of a lightweight flywheel, produced 367rwhp and 305lb/ft on a Dynojet earlier this Spring. The goal of this car was to create a very stock looking 981 Cayman that was a true wolf in sheep's clothing so the car that began life as a 2.7L silver base Cayman coupe left looking the same way; what she does not advertise however, are her Porsche X73 Sport Suspension, Guard Transmission Torque biasing limited slip differential and Cargraphic "Sport" manifolds with 200 cell cats. Set up for the street but ready for track duty, the car has 2.0 degrees of camber all around and our typical BGB track/street alignment for the new 981.