911 Carrera GTS Track Weapon (TYPE 991.2)

In late 2018 I was fortunate enough to be able to realize a dream that i had of trying to make a standard 911 Carrera (MY 2017 type 991.2 GTS) lap faster than a 911 GT3 around a road course.  Later that year it gave way to an even bigger dream when it was featured in issue #750 of Porsche Panorama.


A link to the blog can be found here with the awesome photo work of Nate Deremer!  We were working with Porsche Motorsport on PSM testing of the new GT4 Clubsport on the banked tracks of Daytona and Kentucky and i was lucky enough to have the speedway all to myself at lunch time.  It was literally, myself, the car and the camera man.  We were not permitted to exceed 25mph, for no one else was there!